by Mumm-Ra

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released April 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Mumm-Ra London, UK

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Track Name: Technicolour
Let's walk the miles leave the car it won't work anyway
One headphone each arm in arm I'll show you the way
Cos you like pushing buttons and I like taking sides

If you're in Technicolor then I'm in black and white
I like the way you paint me, it never looks the same way twice

We wake up lost but not afraid, the morning light upon us
Another time another place I'd hide under the covers
Cos I believe in science and you like reading minds

I like you in this light, we look and feel alike
Track Name: Your Father's Son
Well I don't know how these things come to pass
Twisting and turning the pieces of parts well I say
This is just a love without a name

And if i said that things might level out
Ours is a hope i can't do without so tell me
Have we found a lock without a key?

You're a light covered in darkness
Like a soul without it's faith
You move with aimless grace
Though I don't know the way
I am trying to find my place
Cos this is just a love without a face

So come on boys lets drown our misery
You are no more than a burden of belief and I say
Our love is just a match without a flame

So light it up and watch that candle shine
A cold wind is stirring it could flicker and die so don't let go
Our love is just a string without it's bow

Come find me in the dark
with my ghost of lovers past
The errors of a father's son
Whatever come what may
I will try to find my way until it's done
Our love is just a web that's come undone

Well I don't know how this has come so far
Drifting and shifting 'til it all comes apart well I don't know
Wilting like a flower in the snow

So say it's time to put these thoughts to bed
I know it's hard but the truth can't go unsaid so hold on tight
Cos our love is not worth shit without a fight

You are a light without the dark, so if the devil comes to pass
Darkness can't hold without sin
Well I don't know a lot but I know just how to begin
Because our love is just a hole without you in